African nations discuss trade, demographic benefits of continent at Antalya Diplomacy Forum

During panel discussion titled Realizing Africa's Potential, Gabon's top diplomat stresses importance of equitable investment practices, collaboration with nations such as Türkiye

Foreign ministers from African nations discussed the economic and demographic benefits of their continent, with a particular emphasis on the improvement of education at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

The Antalya Diplomacy Forum featured a panel discussion titled “Realizing Africa’s Potential.”

During the panel discussion, Cameroon’s Foreign Minister Lejeune Mbella Mbella underlined Africa’s vast potential, encompassing both natural resources and human capital, and emphasized the importance of better education for the continent’s youth.

Mbella spoke about his country’s efforts to establish a self-sufficient agricultural system and underscored the importance of infrastructure development as one of the continent’s most pressing needs.

Addressing the need for increased integration with neighboring countries to promote free trade across the continent, he stressed the importance of halting arms proliferation and ensuring integrated development to prevent displacement and achieve genuine progress.

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Frederick Shava emphasized that food security is the continent’s most urgent issue.

Shava highlighted Zimbabwe’s initiatives in education and innovation centers, where youth are turning their dreams into reality through practical work, such as the local production of oxygen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mozambique’s Foreign Minister Veronica Nataniel Macamo Dlovo echoed Shava’s emphasis on food security, describing it as the continent’s most pressing issue.

She emphasized the need for investment in agriculture while addressing the challenges posed by terrorism in her country, emphasizing its global implications.

“Terrorism is not just the issue of Africa, it’s a global issue, if we want to tackle it we have to do it globally; if not, we simply cannot succeed.”

Investment in Africa

Gabon’s Foreign Minister Regis Onanga Ndiaye stressed the significance of peace, education, and agricultural investment for Africa’s development.

Ndiaye called for collaboration with countries like Türkiye, highlighting the importance of equitable investment practices to ensure mutual benefits.

He also emphasized the shift in dynamics, noting that African nations are now active participants in such forums, offering insights into their own continent’s realities and needs.

Namibia’s Foreign Minister Peya Mushelenga expressed the intention to increase trade with neighboring countries to unlock Africa’s potential.

He highlighted the paradox of poverty amid advances in education and technology, stressing education’s transformative power in alleviating poverty.

“If we talk of infrastructure, education, and advancement in technology when people are living in poverty, it is meaningless.”


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