Africa and Germany strengthen energy cooperation

Following the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, European countries seeking an alternative to Russia in terms of energy supply are determined to strengthen their cooperation with African countries.

Germany is one of the countries searching for new energy sources instead of preferring Russian oil and gas.

One of the most crucial discussion topics of the 2022 German-African Energy Forum held in Hamburg on 1-2 June was Africa’s abundant oil and gas reserves.

Many German companies aim to finance African initiatives to produce hydrogen energy for export to Europe.

African Union Energy and Infrastructure Commissioner Amani Abou-Zeid said that in order for Europe to overcome its current security problems, it must first deal with the energy crisis. This means building strong partnerships with Africa.

“Europe is not safe until we are all safe,” said Abou-Zeid.

“And now Europe’s security isn’t just about arms. It’s about fuel, it’s about energy, it’s about food,” said Abou-Zeid.

The East African country of Ethiopia has huge reserves of ground and surface water and hopes to negotiate with financiers to produce hydrogen energy.

Among the precursors of the energy cooperation of African countries are the necessity of feasibility studies and investment finance support.


DW News

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